Monday, September 19, 2011

Hickory Dickory Dock - introduction

 After several months (Years. Probably Eons.) of pregnancy please welcome my firstborn:
For those of you, who are too conservative or old fashioned or conspiracy theorists (I know you're out there and I'm fully aware you're watching me), or just simply too ignorant to have iPhones or iPads (and admittedly I'm one of You) I attached some images of our bundle of joy. 

On this picture you can see him with his new friends: the Invincible Dust Bunny and the Bullet Sheep.

As you can tell Hick loves his stomach so most of the time throughout the game you just simply feed him. Sometimes with his 5-a-day, at other times with radioactive looking cakes
(of course they're wholefood from a nice little farm, where pixels run wild and free).
And, oh, yes: as a side-effect you also get to learn how to count from 1 to 12, get to know the time plus a nice lady sings you nursery rhymes to music that's so good that you'd think it was made by Danny Elfman, except it's not. It's been done by Tom Bailey from Realsounds.
And sooner or later he has to give me the instrumental version cause I want to have it as a ringtone.
(Tom if you're reading this, I just made a meaningful cough)

There were so many people he needs to say thanks for.
To start with, to his other father and my good friend Jonas Oien, who's official title is Designer Of the Game,
then Stu Gamble, Holder Of All Candles (Lead Art Director)
and all the nice people in Mindshapes Ltd's mobile department who were nursing him, caring for him, made him burp and gave me all them sedatives while I was slightly hysterical over a few missing pixels. This department was led by head nurse Studio Director Tasos Tzimorotas.


Hick is speechless at the moment (no wonder, he's only a few days old) but if he could he would scream out a loud THANK YOU for all the hard work, and would also say HELLO to everyone who's about to play with him.

You could download the app here.
EVERY feedback is warmly welcomed, so if you have a few spare minutes please let us know your thoughts about him.
Stay tuned fellows - there's more to come!

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