Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jellytoons - Birthday countdown

...aaand the LAB RAT is OUT!

These were my first baby-steps in the world of mobile industry - and I'm still upright!
This is the second appearance of these characters on the internet - the original character design was created by Jez Hall and I had the chance to have a slightly different take on Jelly World.
I've learned a lot through this project and cannot even tell how exited I am to show you my "second child".
Till then please welcome the Jellytoons:

The guys at Mindshapes did an amazing job, so thanks everyone! 

All images in this post are copyright of Mindshapes Limited


Tamási Antal said...

De jól néz ki!!!:D

Mik said...

Kosz :-) Igyekeztunk.