Friday, April 18, 2008


These were just sketches for an application. At the end I did not get the job.

This cartoon are born to advertise children-movies – in the storyboard the small letters from the logo are smashing the S with the point of the "i", so the "T" is angry. Don't worry, the laughing children are getting away with it.

This one made for action-movies. The "EST" is getting shot and than turning down.

This is for science-fiction. Everything's fine with the logo but than a UFO comes. It takes away the "T" and leaves an "alien-T" instead. The other letters dragging away from it.

This is for monster-movies. The ordinary letter "P" are transforming into a monster and starts to roar at the others. Thus the city inside the letters are waking up and the inhabitants shout back: "shut up!". The humiliated monster are leaving the scene to the left.

This is for thrillers. The "S" scares his neighbor with a lamp. The "T" is fainting.

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